Backup365: Open Authentication

Towards the end of August, Backup365 introduced some changes to the way we authorise our service to your Office 365 tenant.

To date we have used a global impersonation account to access and backup mailboxes. As of last month, we have upgraded all new services to using OAuth or Modern authentication to provide token based app authentication for access to mailboxes with the purpose of backup.

We have made this change as it brings our mailboxes backup methodology in line with both best practice, as well as how our existing Sharepoint / Onedrive backup authenticates.

Open Authentication is also fully compatible with the deployment of enforced Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), which is progressively becoming more popular throughout our partners, and has recently been mandated as necessary for all Microsoft CSP partners.


We are working through all existing Office 365 backup accounts and upgrading them to Open  Authentication. You may trigger this by logging into your tenant, and clicking on the “Re-Authorise” button while either logged in as a Global Admin for your tenant, or using Incognito mode and entering Global Admin credentials. This will only need to be done once.



If you have any questions whatsoever about this process, please do not hesitate to contact our technical support team on 1300 657 500 / or