Business Grade Office 365

What is Business365?

Business365 is a grade office platform that has been designed for Managed Service Providers so that they are able to profitably and scalabaly offer Microsoft’s world leading desktop collaboration software. It is also locally hosted and supported by Microsoft Exchange and has a 99.999% uptime guarantee with local 24×7 support from our team here at Manage Protect.

Key Benefits

  • Uptime

          Business365 has a 99.999% uptime, we have built our Microsoft Exchange servers and infrastructure to ensure this.

  • Technical Support

           24×7 support from our team here in Australia and New Zealan

  • Optional backups

          A ’30 day recycle bin’ is not good enough. So we have created Business365 so you can restore your           mailbox to any day during the last two years.  


Why Business365?

  • The latest Microsoft software you know and love- Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and Publisher
  • Local Australian technical support
  • Fully Managed Migration from your existing email system
  • 99.999% uptime guarantee- that’s business grade.
  • Backup (optional): Daily backup of your mailboxes- restore to any point in time at anytime.


What does Business Grade really mean?

Business Grade means it is the best in the business and the best for your business. Each feature has been designed to maximise your business’s profitability and scalability.