Protection against lost or deleted files and documents.

What is it?

Endpoint Backup is a cloud-based file backup service that can be deployed, configured and centrally-managed.

Managing business files is one of the most important and complex IT challenges companies currently face. These files, which are often created and saved in large quantities, are often the most valued assets for a business, and as such must be backed up in real time and protected. They must be easily accessible from anywhere at any time.

Why Endpoint Backup?
Endpoint Backup delivers a simple to use solution, automatically backing up critical business files and saving them in your personalised portal.

In the online portal you have the ability to

  • Select the files you want to back up
  • Monitor backup progress
  • Review backup versions
  • Restore files

Key Benefits

  • Security Testing and Compliance
    HIPAA and SOC2, 256 AES encryption in transit and at rest
  • Centrally Managed Full Configuration
    Consistent and reliable backup of all your devices
  • Fast and Easy File Restoration for Lost or Corrupted Data
    Stay ahead of the looming threats of Ransomware attacks or other viruses
  • Root Drive Backup
    Reducing administration to ensure important folder locations are backed up
  • Automated Scheduled Reports
    Visibility into backup status and audit trail of activity

Service Features

  • Endpoint Desktop Agent
  • Endpoint Backup Server and Desktop
    Endpoint Backup supports Windows and Mac. When a file is added to or edited in a location that has been specified for backup, the Endpoint Backup Device automatically recognizes that and begins the backup process.