What Happens When Your Business Lives In Your Email?

Today more than ever your orders, quotes, correspondence with clients and suppliers are all stored within your email. Promises are made, and work is delivered and stored in the individual email mailboxes for each of your staff.

Email today has become the standard method for having “things in writing”, as emails are progressively viewed as documentary evidence in the same way today as a formal letter would have been 10 years ago. So how do we store and access these formal documents for your business?

Email is the fastest growing storage requirement for most businesses. Your business information and correspondence is all stored in individual mailboxes which becomes the unstructured store of your organisation’s intellectual property. However, when managing storage, email is usually the first area where we apply quotas, and force people to make decisions individually as to what intellectual property of your business should be deleted and kept. Worse still, when people leave it is common practice to delete everything!

The Challenge

Organisations of all sizes are finding that the need to securely archive outlook and rapidly produce email is not just a requirement for the Financial Services Industry any more. New state and federal rules mandating the proper email archiving practices are forcing companies of all sizes to evaluate and implement an email archiving solution beyond backing up PST files.

With the rapid increase of email in business we are also finding that a large percentage of an organisation’s intellectual property is now stored within their email. It is all too easy for our staff to delete emails that may be important tomorrow, in order to try to maintain mailbox sizes and quotas today. Many businesses also archive outlook email in PST files. These files may have already had emails deleted, and may or may not be backed up. Searching through multiple PST files to find an email may take hours, days or weeks.

The Solution

MParchive delivers true “business grade” email archiving technology to small to medium businesses for a fraction of the cost without the need to purchase hardware, install software or manage ongoing maintenance. EVERY email that any person in your business sends and receives is securely archived, searchable and accessible forever. Individual users may also access their own archive so they can be comfortable in deleting emails and keeping mailboxes at a manageable size.

Key Benefits:

  • Every email, stored, searchable, accessible and secure.
  • Users have convenient access their archived emails through the Outlook Add-in, IOS and Android archive apps or a web browser.
  • All archive emails never leave Australia – fully compliant with data sovereignty requirements.
  • No hardware, software, maintenance or installation required.
  • 30 years unlimited storage of emails.*
  • A true business grade compliance solution to your email archival requirements.
  • Allows organisations to focus on their core business and not be distracted with infrastructure hassles.

Outlook Integration Add-In

Individuals within your business are able to access every email that they ever sent or received without ever leaving Outlook. Optionally, they may also perform more complicated searches using a convenient web interface or the IOS/Android Apps.

The Technology

  • Global storage infrastructure powered by best of breed technology from EveryCloud Technology and Amazon Web Services
  • Australian compliant storage: We can guarantee that your data is stored 100% within our secure Australian data centres.

Advanced Search and Discovery

The archive outlook audit function allows the administrator to setup secure access to either an internal or external party to access all emails between specific dates in the archive, for a specific period of time.

This access is fully audited logged and requires a second user to authenticate their access. Email archive is also available through both IOS and Android mobile apps or a web browser.