office 365 emailWhy Backup Office 365 Data?

Office 365 retains deleted records in the recycle bin for 30 days, but once an item is automatically cleared from the recycle bin after 30 days, or manually deleted from the bin, it’s gone forever.

CloudAlly’s Office 365 Backup Solution

CloudAlly allows you to easily activate automatic daily backups of Email, Calendar, Contacts and Tasks for all your Office 365 Users.

Backups are performed daily and are configurable within your account settings. By default, backups are stored in the Amazon Australian Data Centres, but you can also choose to have your backups stored at the AWS E.U. or AWS U.S. Data Centre if you prefer. We provide unlimited archive retention and storage, and backups are retained for as long as you maintain your CloudAlly subscription

Activating Your Office 365 Backup

The backup is activated using the administrator credentials and based on the Office 365 Exchange Web Services interface. If Exchange Web Services is not enabled in your Office 365, you can still perform an Email only backup using the individual user credentials and based on the IMAP interface.

After activating the CloudAlly backup, the administrator can select which Office 365 users will be included in the backup, including shared mailboxes and public folders. The administrator must have “ApplicationImpersonation”, be added as a member of the Discovery Management group, and have access to all mailboxes.

Once activated, an initial backup is performed in which all data is backed up and archived securely at CloudAlly’s Amazon datacenter. Then, on a daily basis an incremental backup is performed, capturing all the daily changes in your Office 365.

Accessing Your Archived Backups

CloudAlly gives you complete control of your archived data allowing you to restore or download your data at anytime.

  • Restoring Data. You can restore to your original Office 365 email account or to an alternate account in your domain using CloudAlly’s migration service. The restore is non-destructive and a folder with all the restored data is created in your Office 365 account without overwriting existing information. Note: Meeting invitations are not restored back to the mailbox at this time.
  • Data Export. Archived data can be exported for local access as needed. You will receive notification when the export is available and can then download the ZIP file that contains industry standard formats including Email (EML), Contacts (VCF), and Calendars (ICS).

Keeping Your Archived Data Secure

Data is encrypted in transit and storage using a dedicated key that we allocate for you, and advanced AES-256 bit encryption algorithms are applied. Keys are securely stored and CloudAlly servers are strongly secured, hardened and include the latest security patches.

Managing Your CloudAlly Account

You can monitor details about your backup activity from the Account Activity page on your CloudAlly account, as well as choose to receive a daily email of your backup status.

You can close your CloudAlly account at anytime, and your archived data will be completely removed. For security purposes, we send an email notification that allows you to either confirm or cancel your request.