Program Overview

With over 2 billion documents managed across 150,000 paying businesses in 134 countries, Workplace is a leading provider of secure file sharing and collaboration solutions to small, medium and large companies around the world. Designed for MSPs and Cloud Services Resellers, the Workplace Success Partner program offers a range of benefits that will help you stay ahead of your competition, grow your business faster, improve customer satisfaction, streamline your business processes and minimize risk.

Why Partner with Workplace?

We’re Smart. Smart design. Smart folder sync allows for easy access to shared files - both on and offline. Integrated document editing and markup eliminate the need for third-party software. Other smart functionality includes sophisticated document management capabilities including versioning and recovery, and automated QR coding for quick and easy retrieval. Intelligent design includes built-in integration with Google Docs, OneDrive and Office 365.

We’re Simple. 

Simple to use. An intuitive user interface simplifies the file-sharing, syncing, and collaboration process. User-friendly search features such as full-text search and thumbnail or list views make it easy to quickly find the documents you need. Our Hybrid Cloud approach means you don't have to fully replace your customer's file servers. Their local servers can remain as source of record while providing cloud access to remote users who need ready access to files stored on the network. 

We’re Mobile. 

Truly mobile collaboration. Work with any type of file, across devices, teams, networks, and around the globe in real-time with truly mobile file sharing. In field photo, video and document capture enable full mobile productivity. Integrated Microsoft Office file creation and editing on iPad and iPhone devices eliminates the need for third party mobile apps. 

We’re Secure. 

Secure file sharing. Safely manage, organize, and share files from any device, anywhere with Workplace permissions-based team sharing, multi-user document editing with auto locking, and enterprise grade encryption.

 Benefits to Your Business

  • Stay ahead of your competition. As an MSP or CSP, differentiating yourself with value-added services is now a matter of survival. Your customers need cloud-based collaboration services more than ever. If you don’t provide them, someone else will. 
  • Grow your business - faster. Earn margins as high as 50% to achieve rapid and sustained growth. The Workplace Success Partner Progtram was designed by and for MSPs and CSPs with flexible licensing options that allow you to earn the highest possible margins. 
  • Delight your customers with superior cloud-based collaboration services in a user-friendly, secure environment. Offer collaboration services designed to meet your customers’ demands, such as enterprise-grade security; fast, reliable syncing; role-based access to files; and streamlined customer service via the Workplace Management Portal. 
  • Streamline business processes with a single dashboard for managing all customer accounts. The Workplace Management Portal reduces the cost and complexity of customer administration, allowing you to manage multiple accounts from a single dashboard. 
  • Minimize risk for you and your customers - by offering enterprise-grade security.

Benefits to Your Customers

  • An intuitive, user experience across a range of devices, Web browsers, and native mobile apps. Our Hybrid Cloud approach and unique file server support makes it easy to give local users fast and reliable access while enabling mobile workers to continuing working like they were in the office. 
  • True mobility with online and offline smart folder syncing, integrated document editing and markup, and in field photo, video, and document capture. 
  • Secure, permissions based team collaboration managed centrally for IT control. 
  • Sophisticated document management capabilities including versioning, scanning to pdf, automated QR coding, and built-in full-text search and thumbnail images for quick and easy access to the information you need.

MSP Program Details

The Workplace Success Partner Program has two levels of partnership, Authorized and Elite. These levels determine the margins and sales and marketing support provided by Workplace to our partners. Speak with a Channel Manager to choose the appropriate partnership for your business.
  • Great Margins - Workplace Success partners can earn some of the highest margins in the industry, starting at 30%. For more details, send us at email.
  • Marketing Sponsorship - Workplace funded sponsorships are available for qualified marketing activities including, but not limited to, events, campaigns, and seminars.
  • Marketing Support - The Workplace marketing team is available to assist partners with activities such as executing email campaigns and webinars, as well as offering marketing assets and event support.
  • Campaign Creator Tool - The Campaign Creator Tool is a simple online form to request branded pre-built email templates and assets that you can use to conduct customer campaigns on your own.
  • Customer Management Portal - A custom, self-service partner portal is available to all partners to provision and manage customers, and access marketing materials, billing information, and more.
  • Cobranding - Marketing assets such as collateral, presentations, and more are available to be co-branded by partners. Marketing assets can be found inside the partner portal.
  • Sales Support - Workplace offers joint account selling and sales engineer assistance to help you get up to speed with selling or to help with large deals.
  • Early Access - Partners can gain early access to upcoming product releases.
  • Free Licenses - Free internal use licenses are available to Elite partners.
  • Flexible Billing - Monthly billing options include credit card or invoicing. 
  • Dedicated Support - Dedicated support is available to Workplace Success partners.
  • Training - Partners receive product, sales and portal training.