Productivity + Security for Business

The always up-to-date suite of Microsoft 365 hosted exchange mailboxes is perfectly matched by the protection of MPmail to ensure email users are productive in a secure environment. These complementary products are bundled together for seamless implementation for your customers and a more streamlined experience for you as a partner.

Why MPmail is the perfect companion for Microsoft 365

MPmail’s Stacked Classification Framework spam detection system utilises a voting algorithm, a patented method of identifying and controlling spam based on a sophisticated form of intelligent reasoning. This provides highly precise threat protection with industry-leading low false positive rates (legitimate emails misidentified as spam).

• Easy Activation

Effortless web-based administration that can be activated in as little as one business day – no integration or migration necessary.

• Convenience

Using a single portal to manage all of your customers; conveniently modify email protection, establish group filtering policies, customise corporate policies and stay abreast of message traffic flow and trends.

• Multi-Layer Protection

Business-grade email spam and virus protection. Multi-layered strategy successfully keeps out 99% of harmful messages.

Secure message delivery, uninterrupted access during outages and instant replay

  • MPmail’s Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol accepts and filters encrypted messages, delivering them across a secure tunnel when recipients are TLS enabled. If a recipient is unable to receive a TLS encrypted tunnel, MPmail may optionally deliver the message via SMTP.
  • During an email outage, your staff can continue to communicate from their existing email addresses using integrated webmail. Once connectivity is restored, all outage-period email activity is synchronised with your primary system.
  • MPmail’s 90-day email archive allows you to search, view and re-send any messages to your mailbox that have been sent/received in the last 90 days. Fraud protection and content filtering.
  • MPmail Fraud & Phishing Protection Organisations’ users are protected from fraudulent phishing emails attempting to access personal or business-related information.
  • MPmail Content & Attachment Filtering Automatic filtering identifies and blocks unwanted, inappropriate and malicious content in email body copy and attachments before it enters or leaves your organisation.

Security Features

  • Spam blocking
  • Fraud protection
  • Virus and worm scanning
  • Content and attachment filtering
  • Outbound message filtering
  • Policy-based management
  • Secure message delivery via TLS
  • Sophisticated quarantine management
  • Advanced solutions for businesses that rely on efficient email communications