Moving Mailboxes Into MPexchange

Our Fully Managed Migration is available in two versions dependant on your existing environment, and is a fully complementary feature of the MPexchange service.

Managed Migration

Designed for organisations that are typically less than 100 users, your Manage Protect migration engineer will work with you through the steps of synchronising all of your existing contacts, distribution lists users and mailbox data from your existing Microsoft Exchange or alternate environment into MPexchange 2016.

The process can be optimised for poor bandwidth or multi-site connections, and includes support for incremental and staged migration to make your process as seamless as possible.

Cross Forest Migration

A Cross Forest Migration is optimised for organisations larger than 100 users and delivers a truly seamless migration where the end user simply re-starts their Outlook without the need to setup new profiles or accounts in any way. 

Business Grade. 

Business users don’t have time to waste on spam, or rebuilding laptops because of viruses and spyware. Business users need to know that they can access all of their emails quickly and easily whether it was sent last week, or 5 years ago. Business users don’t have time for unscheduled or scheduled outages – as a 20 minute outage of email, may mean the difference between being in business, and being out of business.

100% Service Level Agreement

MPexchange provides a 100% Service Level Agreement of access to email services. During any scheduled or unscheduled downtime of MPexchange our clients are able to access their email through a simple web browser interface. Monthly Service Level Agreement compliance reports are available through our website.