MPmail Update (July 2020)

Manage Protect started in 2008 with one service: MPmail. Providing perimeter-based security, designed and built for MSPs, to manage and protect Australian businesses from email spam, virus and content threats.

We selected a cloud based, multi-tenant solution that was designed for MSPs and we introduced this technology under our brand of MPmail!

Since 2008, we have worked closely with MSPs to find the best cloud technology solutions to meet their needs, and then integrate them to simplify and streamline their procurement, deployment, management and billing through our Converge platform.

Over the past 12 months a new type of security threat has become prevalent in the form of targeted PHISHing attacks focused on financial/commercial gains or control. These types of attacks are researched and targeted as opposed to the more traditional spam and virus attacks to date.

Announcing MPmail Avanan!

New Threats need New Technology

Our perimeter-based security solutions offered under MPmail, continue to provide the best solution for stopping spam, viruses and content at the perimeter. Today, Gartner coins these as “SEGS” (Security Edge Gateway Service), but there is also a newer, targeted technology designed specifically to better understand how individual users within a business communicate and provide specific PHISHing and attack protection for our customers using the Microsoft 365 platform.

Manage Protect have partnered with Avanan – a global leader in this new technology that attaches directly into your Microsoft 365 environment and augments their purpose-based threat databases and heuristic engines with AI generated profiles of how your users work, communicate, and effectively stops PHISHing attacks.


PHISHing, Threat Reporting and Search & Destroy!

The technology from Avanan provides an effective anti-PHISH platform, but also delivers detailed reporting of threats and weaknesses in the configuration of your Microsoft 365 platform – as well as the ability to deep dive into the mailboxes of your customer’s tenants and “Search and destroy” emails after they have been delivered to your users, but before they open them!


Not just Email

Avanan’s technology is focused on Microsoft 365, however this is not limited purely to mail boxes. Avanan can search, manage and protect messages in MS team, OneDrive, SharePoint Dropbox and many other platforms.

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