Tradie IT
Tradie IT


Founded in 2008, Tradie IT is a managed service provider which is solely focused on the trades industry, an industry that owner Shane McIntosh discovered isn’t well supported. It offers a massive opportunity for Tradie IT to disrupt the industry and provide IT support to tradespeople who generally want their systems to be simple and easy.


Business Challenge

Tradie IT’s client is a conveyancing company with 30 staff and offices in both Victoria, Australia and the Philippines. Their IT and phone systems, legacy applications and emails relied on the main office being online, which was then also largely dependent on a reliable network connection. International personnel and security also became an emerging consideration.


Tradie IT completed an upgrade of the client’s email exchange server by moving to Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams phone system.

Two new offices at site A and site B are due to open. Without the need for physical data servers and infrastructure which was required in the past, instant ordering and provisioning of licenses means one of the sites was completely set up within a day, evidence of how easily and quickly this set up can be established and scaled.


The client’s business was online within hours, with their data migrated and accessible on OneDrive and SharePoint. Fortunately, the client was set up right before COVID-19 began to impact the way businesses operate.

The client is now functioning without restrictions. Their system is completely cloud-based allowing staff to flexibly work from home or office, without being reliant on an office or individual to operate.

Why Tradie IT chooses Manage Protect

Tradie IT were initially seeking a spam filtering offering for clients and found multiple solutions all supported from the United States. This meant they couldn’t get support during Australian business hours. Then they discovered Australia-based Manage Protect – a total game changer.

“Manage Protect are responsive and the continual updates helps us build trust with clients.”

Tradie IT’s partnership with Manage Protect has grown from there. Tradie IT has slowly rolled their clients across to Manage Protect solutions.

“We don’t often call support, but when we do, the Technical Support team get stuff done for us quickly, which is important when managing client expectations.”

Tradie IT is able to scale the business without increasing staff numbers which really helps manage costs and reduce overheads.

Even though they haven’t fully embraced Converge yet, having the automation between ConnectWise and Converge makes reporting and billing easy. It gives Tradie IT time back so they can focus on what’s really important to their business – customer experience.