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Manage Protect’s unique product set has allowed Managed Service Provider (MSP), Slick Networks to serve their customers with peace of mind protection from phishing, scam emails and unwanted threats to their mailboxes. This is extremely important in the current work-from-anywhere environment and the escalation of sophisticated phishing and ransomware attacks. Manage Protect’s expert, locally based technical support, best-of-breed solutions and management portal makes it easier for Slick Networks to provide professional protection to clients.


Business Challenges

Slick Networks is a managed consultancy serving the construction and engineering industry, where many of their clients don’t have their own IT departments. Slick Networks is solely focused on delivering cloud infrastructure, cloud computing, cybersecurity and Microsoft licencing.

Prior to working with Manage Protect, Slick Networks engaged Intermedia directly. Intermedia are based in the United States and often conducted server maintenance during Australian business hours which interrupted their business operations. They were referred to Manage Protect about 6 years ago and haven’t looked back.

Within two years of working with Manage Protect, a medium-sized engineering company fell victim to a phishing attack when a Slick Networks customer, a project management company, had their email mailbox hacked. The hackers downloaded an invoice, altered the bank account details then requested payment from the engineering company. The engineering company paid the invoice into the bogus bank account, then the funds were quickly diverted to another account. A court case ensued once the bank reported the cybercrime to the Australian Federal Police, but it took over 6 months to resolve the issue and recoup the stolen funds. This case also diverted a lot of time, energy and attention away from Slick Networks’ business and their reputation as a trusted MSP took a hit.


The phishing attack was an experience which really heightened Slick Networks’ awareness of how detrimental and draining these attacks can be for all parties involved. Slick Networks quickly deployed MPmail Avanan, which combines two effective solutions to protect against these types of attacks.


Now when they sell Microsoft 365, they always bundle with MPmail or Avanan (either separately or bundled for complete defence) and Backup365 because Slick Networks trust these technologies work. Not all MSPs can offer a product set like this and this product bundling has helped Slick Networks create a niche.

Why Slick Networks chose Manage Protect

Once Slick Networks partnered with Manage Protect, they could offer the complete range of Manage Protect’s trusted business-grade, best-of-breed cloud products – and take comfort in knowing they work.

Slick Networks reap the benefits of a locally based Technical Support team who are available 24/7, whereas previous vendors who were overseas would take days to respond.

When other customer requests crop up, such as for file and email restorations, Slick Networks don’t have to look far to find a reliable solution. Backup365 has allowed Slick Networks to restore files and emails beyond 30 days, if the customer requires older files to be retrieved.

When we sell products to our customers, we have to know the technology we present will work in their environment. Being able to rely on Manage Protect for their dependable products and stellar support service has freed us up and given us the opportunity to expand our services. 

– Albert Suseno, Slick Networks

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