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Extreme Networks


Extreme Networks is partner that benefits from sourcing their cloud solutions from Manage Protect. An IT consultancy business established in 1999 and featured in the BRW Fast 100, they exist “to make a meaningful difference in people’s lives” serving small to medium-sized businesses and government departments. Extreme Networks tailor bespoke solutions to customers’ needs, rather than limiting themselves to certain solutions. Their engineers apply creativity when generating a range of options to solve those issues, based on budget, requirements and the future plans for the business. They serve a range of verticals, and while they’re based in Victoria, they have a range of clients within Australia and abroad.


Business Challenge

Extreme Networks engaged a client with 89 seats who had been running on aged infrastructure for several years. This organisation wanted to move their infrastructure to the cloud.


To enable the business to leverage the benefits of the cloud, Extreme Networks proposed a Microsoft 365 implementation. The organisation entrusted Extreme Networks and followed their recommendation to also implement MPmail Ultimate Access and Backup365. MPmail Ultimate Access would protect against spam, viruses and cyber threats while Backup365 would back up all their business data in a separate independent location to prevent data loss.

Extreme Networks suggested Backup365 after trying other cloud back up products. They find Backup365 the easiest to implement and use, while being completely disconnected from the existing systems it is backing up.


The project involved an Exchange Online migration from Exchange 2010 which was handled internally. The services were all provisioned easily and quickly using Manage Protect’s custom built Converge portal.

“Provisioning Microsoft 365 through Converge literally takes 5 minutes. The Converge Portal is very nice and easy to use. We basically flew through the project.“ says Kai Leppanan, the Senior Development Engineer working on the project.

The client is now running a combination of Manage Protect solutions: Microsoft 365, Backup365 and MPmail Ultimate Access. The client recently experienced a power outage which used to mean that their business shuts down – but this time, they hardly even noticed. Their business was unaffected because they’re running on the cloud using Microsoft 365.

Why Extreme Networks chooses Manage Protect

Extreme Networks is a very hands-on consultancy, and their engineers have a high level of technical expertise. While they generally prefer to complete much of the technical aspects of the projects themselves, Extreme Networks know they can access the support from Manage Protect if needed.

“You very rarely need to use support with Manage Protect, but when you do, they're always responsive.”

Originally Extreme Networks only sourced MPmail from Manage Protect and procured various other solutions from different vendors. Now Extreme Networks source all of their solutions through Manage Protect and gains a host of benefits as a result.

“Taking all those various solutions into one vendor under Manage Protect has improved our sales flows, support costs, revenue and made our lives a whole lot easier.”