Avanan is an award-winning anti-ransomware, anti-phishing cloud solution. Read these testimonials and you’ll understand why MSPs count on Avanan to protect their clients’ from the latest cyber threats.

The Computer Jedi

I’ve been using the Avanan solution for the last two years and, over that time, I’ve seen its importance and value grow as online attacks become more sinister and shift their focus.

It was an incident that occurred while attending to some technology issues at a client’s that revolutionised my thinking in the area of a cybersecurity tool such as Avanan.

This well-known industry customer turns over millions of dollars per year with 40 staff in the field. The wife is the financial controller. I was sitting next to her on this occasion, while undertaking some hardware updates, when she received an email from her husband asking for $50,000 to be transferred to a Hong Kong bank account. She remarked to me that it was a strange request from her husband.

I quickly identified it as a fake and avoided an expensive outcome for the organisation. But if I hadn’t been there at that exact time, this would not have been the case!

And these are the situations increasingly faced by my customers. The Avanan solution crushes these kinds of emails before the receiver even has a chance to read them. It gives me piece of mind knowing that my customers are protected 24/7 from this very real threat in our changing and increasingly online world.

Today, when I onboard a new customer, I factor in the Avanan solution by default. Once I’ve explained the benefits, there’s no question in their minds, they are always keen to take on the protection given by Avanan. They call it their insurance policy!

Peter McCarthy, Director
The Computer Jedi

Microsavvy IT Solutions
Microsavvy IT Solutions

We initially trialled Avanan in parallel with our incumbent vendor product. We quickly realised that the competitive product and its artificial intelligence (AI) was not living up to the sales promise.

The AI did not seem to learn, except through ours or the client’s manual identification of, false positives.

We found Avanan reliably detected threats that the other product let through. We also realised a significant reduction in administration of the solution when compared to the other product.

The tools at hand to analyse the requests to release falsely detected mail makes short work of the assessment process for a technician.

Once deployed we did not see the anticipated spike in support tickets.

We have a high degree of confidence in the Avanan product suites we have baked into our customer offerings.

Manage Protect’s Avanan promises protection and it delivers.

Travis Brown, Managing Director
Microsoavvy IT Solutions

We’ve been working with small to medium businesses (SMBs) and small home office businesses for over 10 years and have never seen the level of cybersecurity incidents and digital threats as over the last five years – especially since COVID-19.

Increasingly both our own concerns and the growing concerns of our clients resulted in our search for a satisfactory, no-fuss solution. And that’s where the Avanan solution comes in. It’s your classic turnkey deployment. Fast, seamless, immediate impact.

Avanan simply works. From day one all stakeholders are more than satisfied. Our engineers are thoroughly impressed with how intuitive the setup and platform is. Clients love how accurate and seamlessly the service works. We’ve had virtually no false positives.

Additionally, we love the fact that we can protect more than just email; this is now a key part of our stack/security offering. We’re proud to say that we haven’t had a single incident for any client since rolling out Avanan, compared to prior the Avanan implementation. This is the sort of thing that allows us to sleep better at night.

And Manage Protect’s straightforward billing system and excellent support are critical aspects for us; we don’t have time to muck around with billing queries. It has been and continues to be a win-win for our clients and us with any potential breaches stopped before they enter our clients’ systems.

Cosmin Albu, General Manager
Helpdesk Computers