Backup365® is the simple, secure Microsoft 365 backup solution designed for Managed Service Providers (MSPs). Backup365 is an iAwards Merit Award winner 2021, iAwards NSW Start-Up finalist 2021 and ARN Start-Up Innovation Awards finalist 2021.

Backup365 automatically discovers and continuously backs up all mailboxes, SharePoint sites and OneDrive accounts without the end customer or the Managed Service Provider (MSP) needing to worry about managing these accounts for backup.

Backup365 performs regular snapshot backups of all cloud business data multiple times a day and saves it to local data centres in Australia.

Backed up data cannot be deleted, is easily searched, accessed and restored by a MSP, IT provider or administrator using the Backup365 portal. The same functions can also be completed by the end user via the Backup365 portal or the Outlook Add-in for both Mac and PC.

Backup365 provides peace of mind that business data is safeguarded against data loss and available for future retrieval, if it is ever needed.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Ensures businesses meet their data loss prevention, data protection and recovery responsibilities or specific industry regulations.
  • Snapshot backups are captured multiple times a day.
  • Backed up data cannot be deleted, and is stored for 10 years*, available for search and restore at a very granular level.
  • Backup data is stored in local data centres in Australia, independent of Microsoft, businesses can be confident data is safe and accessible, even in the case of Microsoft service downtime.
  • Backup365 Portal allows different user types to be defined with varying levels of access to conduct searches and restore data.
  • Outlook Add-in enables end users to search and restore messages themselves, liberating MSPs from the task.
  • Option to apply MSP branding to white-labelled Backup365 Portal, Outlook Add-in and email reports.
  • The Service Guarantee is assurance that if any data that was agreed to be backed up isn’t completed within a 48-hour period due to system issues, the cost of the service is refunded to the customer who experiences the missed backups that month.

Service Options

Backup365 can be provisioned to either backup:

  • Microsoft 365 mailboxes only,
  • Microsoft 365 mailboxes and files in OneDrive and SharePoint, or
  • SharePoint and OneDrive only.

*Extension on the 10 years is by negotiation.

Case Studies

Read about the MSPs who rely on Backup365 for peace of mind that their customers’ Microsoft 365® data is safeguarded against loss.


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Internal Use License

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