Microsoft 365 is the integrated productivity solution for collaboration, security and management

Microsoft 365 is the integrated productivity solution designed for small to mid-sized businesses (SMB). Microsoft 365 empowers and connects teams with file sharing and real-time collaboration tools, while safeguarding businesses with built-in security features.

Today’s must-have business tool

Microsoft 365 guarantees all business-critical office apps are available on the cloud – anywhere, anytime. Microsoft 365 supports greater real-time collaboration and maintains productivity, regardless of whether team members are working on-site or remotely.

Key Features

  • Microsoft 365 allows businesses to remain connected and productive anywhere with tools that enable real-time collaborations and file sharing and 1TB cloud storage on OneDrive.
  • In-built security features protects business data and defends against cyberthreats, while identity and access management secures your business for remote working.
  • Streamline collaboration tools, IT setup and management and costs with Microsoft 365 solution.

Key Benefits

Manage Protect makes it easy for our partners to offer the full range of Microsoft 365 monthly services to their customers. The key benefits of using Manage Protect are:

  • Quick and easy setup
    Ease of provisioning using our self-service portal, Converge, or our Technical Support team can assist
  • Ease of migrating any existing tenants
    Automated bundling and provisioning of complimentary services including Backup365, MPmail and Avanan
  • Billing and invoices are straightforward
    No pro-rata payments and free automated integration with ConnectWise Professional Services Automation
  • Fully supported
    Manage Protect’s Microsoft trained Technical Support and Account Management teams are read

Service Options

Manage Protect offers access to the entire Microsoft 365 suite and trials.

  • Microsoft 365
  • Office 365 – Business
  • Office 365 – Enterprise
  • Office 365 Addons – Academic & Enterprise – Academic
  • Standalone Services – Academic
  • Students Use Benefit
  • Desktop OS
  • Identity and Security, Office 365 Add-Ons, Standalone Services
  • Dynamics 365 Apps/Business Central/Enterprise Edition/Operations/Sales/Team Members – Enterprise Edition/Plan/Transition Offer/CRM Online
  • Microsoft Flow
  • Microsoft PowerApps
  • Not-for-Profit
  • Windows 365
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Microsoft Teams Voice
  • Microsoft Teams Essential

Financial Payment Plans

Manage Protect partners have the option of BidFin financial payment plans.

A software payment plan between Manage Protect partners and their customers can be quickly and easily approved, offering:

  • Bespoke customer-centric payment plans
  • For software-as-a-service or on-premise solutions
  • Covers 100% of invoice value
  • Fixed terms from 4 – 60 months

Benefits to the partner include:

  • The ability to drive revenue, sales and profitability
  • Add value with a payment differentiator
  • Accelerate cashflow
  • Increase customer retention and acquisition


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