Microsoft’s Windows 365 is a remote Windows desktop accessible via a web browser or a remote desktop app on Mac or PC. Mobile device access is also possible using a native app for iPhone/iPad.

Cloud PC offering for business

Remote Windows desktop solution Windows 365 answers business digital transformation needs by enabling secure, flexible remote work options and in-person collaboration simultaneously.

This solution avoids insecure networks and offers businesses full Windows 10 or 11 platforms to stream from the cloud.

Windows 365 offers businesses the ability to give employees cloud PCs which are connected securely to the work network and accessible anywhere there is a Wi-Fi connection.

Users can access the same work environment with the same applications, tools, settings, and personalised Windows, regardless of where they are working, allowing employees to pick up wherever they left off.

Key Features

  • Secure work platform solving the flexible remote work paradigm while giving employees the freedom to work remotely or in-office.
  • Fast, reliable speeds and access to the work environment.
  • Users can stream personalised applications, tools, data and settings from the cloud across PC, Linux, Mac, iOS, or Android.
  • Enables users to continue working even in a disconnected environment.
  • Windows 365 is simple with a personalised Windows 10 experience.
  • Straightforward pricing flat monthly rate.
  • Continuous connection to the work network so no risk of the personal device compromising the network when streaming

Security features

  • Zero Trust Architecture by storing information in the cloud, rather than the streaming device.
  • All data at rest and in transit has encryption in Windows 365 from end to end.
  • Multi-factor authentication to ensure login attempts are verified and integrated with Microsoft Azure Active Directory.

Key Benefits

Windows 365 is perfectly suited for MSPs.

  • The simplicity of the service and self-service model is suited for small to medium business implementation.
  • Easier to manage and assign Cloud PCs by categorising and assigning need-specific Cloud PCs to employees. Administrators can also scale up or down a user’s Cloud PC based on needs at any point.
  • MSPs don’t need to learn new IT tools to manage Cloud PCs.
  • Windows 365 also offers data analytics to monitor the health and performance of user PCs. Microsoft’s Watchdog service continually runs diagnostic checks to ensure connections are running at all time for peace of mind for users and MSPs.

Service Options

Windows 365 is designed to be accessible to businesses, and the pricing structure includes all license entitlements, usage, and compute.

Operating SystemCPURAMStorage
Windows 365 Business1v CPU2GB64GB
Windows 365 Business2v CPU4GB128GB
Windows 365 Business2v CPU4GB256GB
Windows 365 Business2v CPU4GB64GB
Windows 365 Business2v CPU8GB128GB
Windows 365 Business2v CPU8GB256GB
Windows 365 Business4v CPU16GB128GB
Windows 365 Business4v CPU16GB256GB
Windows 365 Business4v CPU16GB512GB
Windows 365 Business8v CPU32GB128GB
Windows 365 Business8v CPU32GB256GB
Windows 365 Business8v CPU32GB512GB
Windows 365 Enterprise1v CPU2GB64GB
Windows 365 Enterprise2v CPU4GB128GB
Windows 365 Enterprise2v CPU4GB256GB
Windows 365 Enterprise2v CPU4GB64GB
Windows 365 Enterprise2v CPU8GB128GB
Windows 365 Enterprise2v CPU8GB256GB
Windows 365 Enterprise4v CPU16GB128GB
Windows 365 Enterprise4v CPU16GB256GB
Windows 365 Enterprise4v CPU16GB512GB
Windows 365 Enterprise8v CPU32GB128GB
Windows 365 Enterprise8v CPU32GB256GB
Windows 365 Enterprise8v CPU32GB512GB


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