MParchive is a business-grade email archive solution for small to medium businesses. Available for a fraction of the cost of traditional or enterprise archive solutions, it is implemented without the need for hardware, software installation or ongoing maintenance.

Every business email sent or received is securely archived, searchable and accessible. With MParchive, individual users also have access to their own email archive so they can be comfortable in deleting emails and keeping mailboxes at a manageable size.

Key Features

Outlook Integration Add-In

Using MParchive’s Outlook Integration Add-in, individuals within a business can access every email they ever sent or received without leaving Microsoft Outlook. Optionally, they may also perform more complicated searches using a convenient web interface or the IOS/Android Apps

The Technology

  • Global storage infrastructure powered by best-of-breed technology from Amazon Web Services
  • Australian compliant storage: We can guarantee that your data is stored 100% within our secure Australian data centres.

Advanced Search and Discovery Access

  • The archive audit function allows administrators to grant internal or external parties secure access to all emails between specific dates in the archive, for a specific time period.
  • This access is fully audit logged and requires a second user to authenticate access. Email archive is also available through both IOS and Android mobile apps or a web browser.

Key Benefits

  • Every business email is securely stored, searchable and accessible
  • Business users have convenient access to their archived emails through the Outlook Add-in, IOS and Android email archive apps or web browser
  • All archived emails remain in Australia. MParchive is fully compliant with data sovereignty requirements
  • No hardware, software, installation or maintenance required
  • 10 years unlimited storage of emails*
  • A true business-grade and compliant email archival solution
  • Enables organisations to focus on their core business rather than with infrastructure hassles.

Service Options

  • MParchive – Online unlimited email archival with 10 years of email archive stored redundantly within Australia, and accessible through Outlook Add-in, web access and iOS/Android App.
  • MParchive Legacy Upload – This option uploads data from a portable drive to MParchive. Charged once-off fee.
  • MParchive Legacy Storage – This option stores imported legacy data per 25GB. Storage cost for imported data charged min for 12 months, charged monthly.
  • MParchive Migration Service is offered to partners to export of all email data to an MParchive store.


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Internal Use License

We offer internal use licenses (IUL) so Manage Protect partners can use our products in their businesses. Read the product billing guidelines before requesting an IUL.