A comprehensive cybersecurity assessment solution which forensically examines an organisation to provide insights into its security status and a recommended action plan to improve their resilience against cyber threats.

MPaudit takes a fact-based, dual approach; fully scanning an organisation’s systems together with a thorough automated interview to produce a security score and recommended action plan. MPaudit includes a detailed report and plan, with Manage Protect Professional Services to support.

MPaudit is a comprehensive assessment of an organisation’s Microsoft 365 tenancy, team security awareness, business systems and processes.

Three key areas of the business are assessed using different cybersecurity assessment tools:

  • Microsoft Tenancy using Microsoft 365 audit tool,
  • Business Processes using audit survey tool,
  • People using Dark web scans and phishing simulations.

MPaudit is a cybersecurity assessment solution for small to medium businesses who take their security seriously and want to avoid unwanted disruptions from cyber incidents. They may need to implement preventative cybersecurity measures as part of their cyber insurance requirements, or meet industry regulations.

MPaudit is only available from Manage Protect and delivered by our partners (managed service providers).

What is included?

Manage Protect will support partners in delivering MPaudit to their customers by:

  • Preparing MPmail and the tenancy for the phishing simulation, operating a phishing simulation to generate results,
  • Asking a series of questions about the business as part of the automated interview,
  • Operating a tenant scan on the tenancy from our MPaudit systems connected via Active Directory,
  • Operating dark web scans to generate results,
  • Presenting the report and recommendations (Zoom meeting with Manage Protect).

What do partners get?

Included as part of MPaudit, partners receive:

  • A detailed tenant and business report,
  • An Executive Summary presentation (including 30 days, 60 day 120 day recommendations),
  • An Employee Readiness summary,
  • A dark web scan of all users in the tenancy,
  • Business maturity level assessment a score for each of these segments, and also aligns with the Australian Cyber Security Centre’s Essential Eight maturity levels,
  • Zoom presentation of the report and recommendations with Manage Protect, and
  • Access to professional services to remediate issues.

Key Features

  • Methodical, thorough, automated, guided assessment of an organisation supported by Manage Protect,
  • A detailed security status report and security score which is aligned with the Australian Cyber Security Centre’s Essential Eight Maturity Levels,
  • Recommended action plan included in the report with specific actions at 30, 60 and 120 days with quick wins, and recommendations,
  • A fact-based demand generation tool for Managed Service Providers (MSP),
  • Freedom for MSPs to select solutions of their choice to mitigate risks identified in the MPaudit report.

Key Benefits

  • Comprehensive and thorough
    Methodical and evidence-based approach in assessing all key areas of vulnerability for a full overview of an organisation’s security status.
  • Action plan to tackle security gaps
    A recommended action plan guides partners in the implementation of mitigation measures.
  • Measurable progress
    MPaudit provides a security status baseline from which improvements can be made and tracked against.
  • Guided by Manage Protect
    Manage Protect Professional Services to guide the partner (MSP) in delivering the solution and developing cyber security specialisation.
  • Transforming the MSP
    Enabling MSPs to deliver a cyber security solution designed for the small to medium (SMB) market.

Service Options

MPaudit is available as a once-off implementation for a single upfront fee. Or it is available as part of an annual program, MPsecure.

Manage Protect partners are eligible for a free Internal Use License (IUL).
As a condition to sell MPaudit to their customers, Manage Protect partners must complete a free MPaudit IUL for their own MSP business. Learn more about the MPaudit IUL process.


Please contact us to request pricing and a member of our team will be in touch.

Internal Use License

We offer internal use licenses (IUL) so Manage Protect partners can use our products in their businesses. Read the product billing guidelines before requesting an IUL.