MPaware - Powered by Breach Secure Now (BSN) is the cybersecurity awareness training solution for small to medium businesses. Implemented in workplaces, the solution educates and helps staff understand the role they play in security.

By generating greater awareness of threats, a business can train their staff to detect and avoid email and web risks. This addresses the people element in cyber resilience by strengthening the 'human firewall' to protect against cyberthreats.

MPaware - Powered by BSN is designed to be delivered by Manage Protect partners (Managed Service Providers - MSPs).

Who is MPaware for?

MPaware - Powered by BSN is for small to medium businesses who take their cybersecurity seriously, want to protect their reputation and prevent unwanted cyber-related disruptions.

The solution helps organisations develop and reinforce their human firewall – imperative to maintaining the human aspect of cyber resilience as employees onboard or exit the business.

The continuous security solution addresses the human risks in cybersecurity, by developing ongoing security practices. By helping staff understand the role they play in security, organisations can improve staff awareness and detection of the latest email and web risks

MPaware - Powered by BSN is the ideal solution to be delivered by MSPs to businesses committed to building and maintaining their cybersecurity resilience with a month-to-month commitment plan.

Key Features

  • Continuous education
    Short, engaging and interactive with weekly 2-minute micro-training video, short quiz and monthly newsletter for increased retention and reinforcement
  • Routine, simulated phishing
    Unlimited, automated phishing simulations educates and instils an alertness to risk, so exercising caution becomes second nature.
  • Catch Phish Outlook Plugin
    Catch Phish Outlook Plugin is available on desktop and mobile applications of Outlook. The plugin allows users who’ve identified a phishing attempt to report it in one click. This automated tool has in-email support and can be customised, while phishing report tracking can save MSPs time and increase their productivity.
  • Continuous monitoring
    Dark web monitoring to identify any compromised account data, so users can mitigate the risks associated with account data breach in a timely manner.
  • Security risk assessments
    Employee vulnerability assessments (EVA) analyses security metrics on the individual and organisational level to identify and mitigate human security risks. An Employee Secure Score is produced based on dark web data, simulated phishing fail rate and security awareness training scores. Annual risks assessments, scores and results can help identify risks and recommendations for improvement.
  • Policy and procedure templates
    Helps MSPs develop security policies for their clients’ organisations to set expectations, explain repercussions and improve overall cybersecurity awareness.

Key Benefits

  • Easily automated and supported by MSPs using an intuitive portal and dashboard.
  • No lock in contracts with a month-to-month plan for greater flexibility.
  • White-labelled cybersecurity training solution fits seamlessly into any MSP stack.
  • The platform is an all-in-one solution for MSPs to manage and establish ongoing security practices for businesses, for continuous monitoring, accurate reporting to track and monitor progress, and management of security training plans.
  • Helps MSPs develop a cybersecurity specialty and demonstrates a commitment to improving their clients’ cybersecurity posture and resilience.
  • Fully supported by Manage Protect.

Service Options

MPaware - Powered by BSN is available with all inclusions on a month-to-month plan.


Please contact us to request pricing and a member of our team will be in touch.


Download a copy of the MPaware brochure here