The ultimate managed security solution for small to medium businesses to build their resilience and protection against cyberthreats.

MPsecure is a complete offering which combines a cybersecurity assessment, security score and recommended action plan with MPaudit, initial and ongoing reporting, incident report plan, security portal and regular newsletters – all delivered with the support of Manage Protect Professional Services.

Additional cybersecurity features include phishing simulations, security awareness training, dark web scans, security alerts, data analysis and data loss prevention plans, supplier and risk assessments to mitigate risks and maintain a robust cyber security status.

This program is designed to be delivered by Manage Protect partners (managed service providers) supported by Manage Protect Professional Services.

MPaudit Cybersecurity Assessment & Recommendations with plan

Centred on the Essential Eight framework, MPaudit assesses a business' cybersecurity posture to provide a remediation plan.

The MPaudit report includes an Executive Summary in Powerpoint format, a detailed Word document and in-depth spreadsheet with specific recommendations and actions for remediation.

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MPaudit Quarterly Report & Remediation

MPaudit is performed quarterly to track progression and cybersecurity resilience on an ongoing basis, as remediation plans are actioned.

This helps to ensure a business is continuously improving its cyber security readiness.

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MPsecure Report and Alerts

MPsecure connects into Microsoft 365 tenancies to advise policy or configuration changes, provide an up-to-date Microsoft Security Score, tenant configurations compared to Manage Protect best practice, and the ability to remediate common issues with a single click within the MPsecure portal. Includes Partner Traffic Light Reporting, Daily Security Alerts

MPsecure Portal

The MPsecure portal is used to manage and administer security awareness training and phishing simulations.

It is the central repository for all MPaudit reports, incident response plans, process documentation and dark web scan results.

Incident Response Plan

The incident response plan details procedures and steps to help a business identify and eliminate threats, and recover from cybersecurity incidents - and ultimately, minimise damage caused by threats.

Australian Cyber Security Centre's recommendation and template is the base we use to work with MSPs to achieve a robust and healthy incident response plan.

MPsecure Monthly Newsletter

MPsecure's monthly newsletter shares global threats and issues that businesses around the world are witnessing, and highlights what to be on the lookout for.

The newsletter offers important insights into the global threat landscape and alerts businesses to international risks which, due to globalisation and digitisation, easily crosses borders.

Phishing Simulation & Cybersecurity Awareness Training

With the increase in cyber threats, people need to be aware of what to look for, and know what and what not to do when faced with suspicious messages and emails or unsolicited contact. Phishing simulations and security awareness training help people identify and increase their general understanding of cyber threats, preparing them to be on the lookout for bad actors attempting to take advantage of a business.

Dark Web Scans and Reports

Dark web scans will search the dark web for your domains and email addresses to check if passwords have been shared in the past. With many users reusing passwords between services, if any credentials are shared on the dark web, it is critical that the compromised credentials are retired promptly and passwords are reset. Our dark web scans will provide notifications via regular reports if any dark web risks are identified.

Key Features

  • Ongoing monthly plan comprising service delivered by Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and freedom to implement solutions of their choice,
  • Includes the comprehensive MPaudit for a methodical, thorough, evidence-based assessment of an organisation’s security status and recommended action plan,
  • Security portal access scores and results for accurate reporting and management of training plans,
  • Dark web reporting to uncover if business details have been shared on the dark web so that risk mitigation measures can be actioned,
  • Phishing simulation and security awareness training plans to help staff understand the role they play in security, improve staff awareness and detection of email and web risks,
  • Fully supported by Manage Protect.

Key Benefits

  • Ongoing risk mitigation and prevention of cyber-related disruptions for small to medium businesses who are committed to building and maintaining their cybersecurity resilience with a month-to-month commitment plan,
  • Thorough and multi-faceted approach for MSPs to uncover and address their clients’ environmental, technological and human risks,
  • A single portal for easy management, administration, storage of reports and results,
  • Regular reporting of security status and scores to track improvement, progress and demonstrate value of the MPsecure program, and
  • Flexibility for MSPs to choose solutions to address their clients’ security risks.

Service Options

System & People
(Size of organisation)
(Up to 5 seats)
(Up to 499 seats)
(Up to 499 seats)
MPaudit Annual Security Score Assessment & Recommendations with Plan
MPaudit Quarterly Report & Remediation
Monthly Security Report & Daily Security Alerts
Security Portal
Incident Response Plan
Security newsletter
Phishing Simulation & Security Awareness Training
Dark Web Scans & Reporting
Individual Employee Security Score



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