Designed for a flexible workforce, Workplace is an enterprise-grade file sync and share tool that easily enables secure, remote collaboration quickly and efficiently. Workplace offers businesses all the advantages of a cloud file server, without impacting their ways of working.

Users of this file sync and share tool benefit from unlimited file storage and native ransomware and virus protection. They can be assured that their files are securely hosted across leading data centres in Sydney and Melbourne.

With fully secured access across multiple devices and platforms, Workplace delivers a simple customer experience for business users wanting to tap into the benefits of cloud file storage.

Key Features and Benefits

Secure File Sync and Sharing

Businesses can safely manage, organise and share any type of business document or digital content in real-time, either internally or externally from any device, anywhere.

A File Server Experience in the Cloud

Although Workplace lives in the cloud, users simply see an F: drive. This drive is easily accessible from mobile device via an iOS or Android app or a sophisticated web interface. Without having to worry about individual sites or teams, files are at users’ fingertips, simply where they expect them to be.

Easy and Secure Remote Access to Files

All files are easily accessed on any device, from anywhere, without the need for virtual private networks (VPN).

No Disk Space issues

Workplace provides access to all files at all times, but uses minimal personal computer (PC) memory. Users may optionally cache files that they would like to keep local or use offline for instances when they don’t have access to the Internet.

File and Data Protection

Workplace was designed with security in mind. Native ransomware detection and automated remediation are unique to Workplace. Combined with file-based virus protection and six months of file versioning, Workplace delivers peace of mind to both Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and their customers.

Workplace Hybrid Deployment for Local Servers

Many customers wish to keep their local file servers or connect multiple file servers from different locations. Workplace Server edition allows the syncing of data directly into a network file server at the office while providing real time access to these files in the same way, regardless of which location users are working in.

Mobile Productivity

  • Online or offline access to documents with integrated rendering for most file types allows viewing of most documents.
  • Full integration with native Microsoft Office apps on mobile devices combines the functionality of Microsoft Office with the security and ease of Workplace.

Full IT Control

  • Workplace provides full visibility of all projects, folders and files created by anyone, as well as detailed reports and audit trails on users, groups, devices, projects and files.
  • Workplace gives IT full control of users, groups and devices; their permission policies; share, sync and public link permissions.
  • The Active Directory also allows the import and provision of internal users.

Enterprise-Grade Security

  • All user data is protected with 256-bit AES encryption during transit and storage, with dynamic key rotation and virus scanning of emailed files.
  • Access and permission policies for projects and shares applied per user or per group.
  • Password and time-to-live protection of all public links to projects, folders and files.
  • Mobile device and computer protection with inactivity session timers, non-persistent use of credentials and encryption of cached files on mobile.

Policies Tailored to Business Needs

  • Audit records on all account activity including projects, groups, mobile access.
  • Policies to specify which groups and devices require approval, with exceptions.
  • Enterprise policies for managing password, session, IP address whitelisting, public links, remote access and mobile devices.

Built for MSPs

Workplace is managed through a single reseller portal. The portal allows you to manage the customers licences, permissions, files, agents and configuration from the one place.

Workplace can be a branded service from MSPs or branded for the end customers’ business. Workplace is not priced for retail, or available direct to the end users. This provides the opportunity for MSPs to manage pricing and services based on customer’s requirements.

Workplace user billing is automatically integrated with either Datto Remote Monitoring and Management and ConnectWise Professional Services Automation (PSA) software.

Service Options

File Server Managed Migration

Manage Protect can migrate existing on-premise file server, Network Attached Storage (NAS) or cloud file system directly into Workplace as a file server data migration. Alternatively, we can assist MSPs to execute this task for their customers, delivering a seamless experience for them.


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Internal Use License

We offer internal use licenses (IUL) so Manage Protect partners can use our products in their businesses. Read the product billing guidelines before requesting an IUL.