Email remains the single most ubiquitis, convenient, documented method of communications between organisations. In fact, in many businesses email has become to single most convenient digital store of information within the business, often outstripping the usefulness of the traditional file server for quick and easy access to the information that you need, when you need it.

Small and medium businesses across Australia and New Zealand literally transact, communicate, order, enquire, and deliver information through email. This reliance on email as a critical part of every business means that we need to think about how we secure, maintain and resource email as our business grows and scales over time.

Manage Protect provide a suite of services that range from individual tools such as email filtering, and email archive — through to complete bundles of best of breed cloud mail servers that take away the concerns of ongoing management, maintenance and outage.

Email Filtering: Helps you eliminate spam and viruses before they reach your users’ inboxes.

Email Archiving: Keep your email securely archived and easily accessible with a service that’s fast, secure and scalable.

Hosted Exchange: Cloud-based Microsoft Exchange business email with streamlined on boarding and assured availability.

Microsoft’s Office 365 Email, Applications and additional Services standalone or bundled with Manage Protect Services.

Backup365 allows you to easily activate automatic daily backups of Email, Calendar, Contacts and Tasks for all your Office 365 Users.