Technology Update – February 2017

Spam, Content, Quarantine …
Since introducing the updated MPmail platform, we have had a number of partners ask more about what these different types of spam mean, and what is the best practice for configuring MPmail to work for their customers. Damon Bree has put together a brief one page outline of how MPmail anti-spam works. For your reference, follow this link: 

We also encourage partners to login and attend either our Tuesday or Thursday training sessions on MPmail / MParchive that occur every week –

Offensive Content in Spam Reports
We have had partners also notice the increase of “offensive language spam” over the past few months. Most of these spam emails are stopped, but we have found that sometimes end customers find the language in their Spam Quarantine Report as offensive as receiving it in their inbox!

Our Support and Training Manager, Sean Stitt, has put together a specific compliance rule that will quarantine these messages, but will take them off of the spam quarantine reports to resolve this issue. Please email if you wish us to apply this for any of your customers.

New HTML Quarantine Management in beta
The new HTML (non-flash) version of the end user and customer administrator control panel is now in beta, with an expected release date at the start of Q2. The new interface is design optimised for iPad, iPhone and other mobile devices and tablets. More to come in the March newsletter.


Agent upgrade
Earlier this month the automated pop-up for the upgrade from the Soonr to Autotask desktop agents occurred. We received feedback from a number of our partners who wanted to be notified ahead of time for these types of upgrades. We are working with the Autotask technical team in Copenhagen to provide a better channel of communications for our partners. We will keep you updated.

It is also possible to disable these automated updates through policy configuration if you are using an RMM tool to manage updates of the desktop agents –

File Server Agent / Workspace Server
The Soonr FSA / AT Workspace Server is now in beta. The key functions it will deliver to a network with a Windows File Server are the following:

  • Sync files and changes between the cloud and the local network users.
  • File locks will be honoured for both network users and cloud users, and be visible to each.
  • Lansync – Soonr desktop/mobile users on a network will attempt to sync locally from the File Server Agent for files before bringing them down from the cloud.
  • Implementation for network deployments will be a lot quicker and simpler, as when agents are installed they will be able to sync the data from the local File Server Agent.
The File Server Agent / Workspace Server is scheduled for release at the beginning of Q2 2017 – however, if you are interested in being involved in the customer beta program, please contact

Server Infrastructure Upgrade
The Soonr service has grown significantly since we built the first two server farms two years ago in Next DC S1 & M1. This week, new storage, servers, and Internet connectivity are being added to both the Sydney and Melbourne data centres to deliver even better performance, and scope for growth.

Over the next couple of months we will be sharing details of the roadmap for our technology components, and how they will work together and integrate with your business and systems to help you grow. We will also be running monthly events both online and in person, so we look forward to seeing you soon, and working with you to understand how we can add more value to your business.