Workplace 2019.3 Service Update

Release Notes

We’re pleased to announce the 2019.3 Workplace Update, which contains the following features, changes, and issue resolutions:



Datto Rebranding

Autotask Workplace is now Datto Workplace! The changes to all components of Workplace are purely cosmetic ones, as Workplace becomes incorporated into the Datto product range.

You may not see many differences if you’ve applied custom branding, but you may note new URLs and other similar underlying name changes. Your bookmarked login URL, all your public share links, and any other similar items will continue to work… they’ll just redirect to the new locations.

Public Share Enhancements and New Interface

Public shares (formerly known as “public links”) allow anyone who has access to the Internet to view, download, edit, and upload files stored on Workplace, making it possible to collaborate with users who do not have an account with your Workplace team.

Now public shares are even easier to use. We’ve simplified the interface to allow you to define what public share recipients are able to do with a single click and, at a glance, identify the share settings.

There is a precise 1:1 mapping between the old functionality and the new; we’ve just made things more intuitive. So all of your current public shares will continue to work, and their settings will remain exactly as they were before this release.

To use the new interface:

  1. Navigate to the project, folder, or file you want to share publicly.
  2. Click the Public Share tab.
  3. Toggle the Allow public access to this Project via a Public Share Link switch on.
  4. Click the tile that describes what you want recipients to be able to do:
  5. Review the setting summaries to the right of the headings:
  6. Click anywhere in the settings area to expand and customize them:
  7. Make your adjustments. All changes in this process are automatically saved.

New Default Groups for Sharing and Policies

We’ve expanded our default groups in the Groups list to include All Administrators, Active Directory Managed Users, and Workplace Managed Users. These groups, which are automatically populated with users who match the group descriptions, will help streamline sharing, group management, policy profile, and communication tasks.

Global Search Enhancements

By default, your search criteria will be applied to file names only. This approach will give you faster results and fewer of them, making it easier to find what you’re looking for. If you want to search file contents, just select the Search file content check box on your search results page:

For more information, please refer to Search.

Email to Project Enhancements

The Upload Files to a Project or Folder via Email interface has been streamlined, and now displays an explicit list of who can upload files via email when this feature is enabled:

Workplace Available as a “Place” in Microsoft Office Applications

Workplace shows as a “Place” in the Office Open and Save As dialog windows, allowing you quick and easy access to Workplace directly from within the Microsoft Office applications.



Special Reports Now Available to Administrators

The Public Shares and Team Shares reports, previously restricted to super-Administrators, can now be accessed by Administrators.

Prompt when uploading a folder to a public share

When uploading nested folders to a public share, a message now informs you that the process will collapse the folder structure. This means that all files within the folder structure will be uploaded, but the structure itself will be lost. The message suggests that you zip the highest level folder before uploading if you want to retain the structure.

2FA Setup Change

We’ve updated the Two-Factor Authentication configuration page to note that Google Authenticator, Authy, Duo, or any similar TOTP (time-based one-time password) authentication app can be downloaded from the App Store/Play Store and used to authenticate.

Share Emails Sent to Users Not Yet Activated

During implementation and deployment , a common approach is to upload data and create users with the Suppress Welcome Emails policy enabled, and then resend the welcome email once migration and setup is complete.

Share notification emails were previously sent to share recipients even if the user had not yet activated their account. Share notifications will now only be sent to users who have activated their accounts, avoiding confusing emails prior to resending the welcome email.

Desktop Notifications

The desktop popup notifications concerning the number of files added, deleted, or changed have been retired due to limited usefulness. If files to which you have access have been updated, you will still be notified.

Floating Save Button

The Backup Exclusions tab on the Team Defaults and Policies page is…long. And on pages that involve a lot of scrolling, it’s easy to miss the Save button at the bottom. So we’ve implemented a floating panel for the Save and Revert buttons that’s always visible, no matter which portion of the page you’re viewing:

Change to “Autotask Status”

In Workplace Manager, the Autotask Status link under the ? icon in the top right has been changed to Service Status, and will now direct you to, where you can monitor the status of all your Datto products.

Dashboard Modification

The Account Information area on the Workplace Online Dashboard page is now enjoying a well-deserved retirement. This area displayed a summary of the information configured on the Personal Information page and a pie chart representing your storage usage. As this information is readily available elsewhere, we deemed its display here unnecessary.

iOS Supported Versions

iOS 9 is no longer supported for Workplace Mobile.

macOS Supported Versions

Mac OS X 10.10 (Yosemite) and below are no longer supported for Workplace Desktop. For more information, please refer toWorkplace Desktop System Requirements.


Issue Resolutions

General Enhancements

As with every release, we’ve resolved internally-detected issues and have made improvements to the general stability and presentation of the Workplace Service to ensure the best possible experience.

Undelete Quota Error

When the undelete process failed due to insufficient storage quota, the error message was unclear. It has been amended for clarity.

“Show Selected Policies” Default

The Show Selected Policies check box should be selected by default for Workplace Manager, just as it is in Workplace Online.

Incorrect Text in AD Lost Connection Emails

Email notification concerning lost Active Directory connections did not support a scenario in which multiple AD integration agents are configured. The notification has been amended with appropriate information.

Project Share Notifications

When a project was shared with a user, all users with whom the project had previously been shared were notified via Workplace Desktop.

Unnecessary 2FA Prompt

Users were prompted for two-factor authentication when launching Workplace Online from the Workplace Desktop tray menu, even if they had an open Workplace Online session. Users will now only be prompted for 2FA when it is enabled for their account, the Require Password option in Desktop Preferences is enabled, and there is no open Workplace Online session.

Email to Project Issue

When an email uploaded to Workplace via the Upload Files to a Project or Folder via Email feature was viewed in an email application such as Outlook, random characters had been replaced with the equals (=) sign. Emails uploaded via this mechanism now maintain the email body text correctly.

Downloaded Files Naming Conventions

Downloading a subset of files in a folder instead of the whole folder from Workplace results in unexpected, generic .zip file names.

Connections Tab Displays Storage Information

On the Connections tab, storage information and the Manage Storage option, neither of which apply to connections, were displayed.

Backup Improvements

General enhancements to make the Workplace Service more robust. Devices could potentially get into a state in which they were attempting to back up a file that had since been deleted or moved, and the backup status would stay at ~99% in perpetuity.

Team Administrators Can Change IUL User Security Role

Team Administrators were able to change the security role for the IUL team by editing the user in Workplace Manager. They should not be allowed to make any changes to the IUL team.

Intermittent .MSG File Conversion Failure

Sporadically, no preview was available for .MSG files exported from Outlook. A “Preview Generation Failed” message was displayed.

Upload Option Display

Public Links to files provided an Upload option on files when created via Desktop when they should not. This issue appeared only on Windows OS.

Workplace Desktop Shortcut

Upgrade to the new version (WIndows only) resulted in the removal of the Workplace Desktop Shortcut.

Incorrect Password Issue

Entry of an incorrect password when changing the user under which Workplace Server service runs created an issue for which complete reinstallation was required for recovery.

Server License Issue

Recycling an instance of Workplace Server did not free the license.

Offline Time Inaccuracy

Device offline email notification displayed the amount of time for which the device was offline incorrectly.

Super Administrators Permissions Bug

When the storage quota available to a Super Administrator was edited, their Super Administrator privileges were removed.

iOS Selective Sync Issue

When syncing selectively syncing via Workplace Mobile for iOS, the Sync button was unavailable in certain scenarios.