Manage The Internet, Protect Your Business.

Manage Protect is an Australian business committed to making email and the Internet a secure, safe, compliant and productive environment for business.

Imagine a world in which each company generated its own power. In addition to purchasing and installing generators, organisations would have to hire staff for the maintenance and repair of those generators. By contrast, the plug-and-play electricity used today seems incredibly convenient and cost effective.

Similarly the cottage industry of internet security will disappear; organisations are moving away from buying and maintaining numerous security appliances on-site in favour of in-the-cloud security services. The vibrant growth of companies such as and NetSuite has proven that software-as-a-service (SaaS) is a viable model.

Our suite of products deliver true business grade utility services which are focused on making your business use of internet (email, web and messaging) as simple and plug and play, as your use of electricity.

Manage Protect enriches our clients’ experience of email and the internet, while providing risk mitigation and policy enforcement for CEOs and CIOs through our in-the-cloud deployment model. Organisations no longer need to purchase, deploy, or manage countless point products. Companies simply define their corporate security, control and compliance policies and then focus on other core areas of their business with the peace of mind that their internet usage and services are fully managed and protected.

Who Are We?

The Manage Protect team is comprised of experienced and visionary executives with a proven track record in Internet security and messaging businesses.

Some highlights of the success our executive team has achieved includes:

  • Founding and building numerous Australian businesses, including businesses that have become the country’s fastest-growing technology companies and recognised by the Deloittes Fast 50 and Fast 500.
  • Founding and building an Internet security business that connected over a thousand Australian businesses to the Internet securely between 1995 and 2000.
  • Founding and building Australia’s first in the cloud email filtering service and successfully threat protect over 3000 businesses;
  • Building the first in the cloud web filtering service in Australia;

What Do We Do?

Manage Protect deliver an integrated platform of best-of-breed services to address the the key areas of internet security, collaboration and compliance concerns for Australian and New Zealand businesses:

  1. Stop Email Spam, Viruses and Filter Content – Threat protect your business from time wasting junk mail, and fast breaking viruses
  2. Stop Web Based Security Threats, Time Wasting or Illegal Browsing Activity
  3. Designed to Meet the Needs of your Business – Email today has become the standard method for “having things in writing”
  4. Business Grade Exchange On-Demand – All the benefits of Microsoft Exchange without the hassle
  5. Cloud File Share & Sync – Take your file server into the cloud with all of the benefits of a true business grade “dropbox” technology.
  6. Endpoint Backup & Security – Access the best endpoint threat protect and cloud backup technology.
  7. Microsoft Licencing – Access the Microsoft Office tools that all businesses need.

In 2010, we started moving people’s email to the cloud with our MPexchange hosted Exchange platform. Four years later, with the launch of our Workplace cloud file server, file share and sync technology we started moving our customer’s files and data also into the cloud.

Today, Manage Protect deliver superfast data seeding (Fasttrack) solutions to our partners to ensure that their customers are able to easily transition from working with their file servers at the office, to Workplace in the cloud securely, and with minimal inconvenience.

How Do We Do This?

We believe that businesses buy technology services from people that they trust. Manage Protect provide a suite of effective components which form a part of the overall I.T. management of our clients’ business. For this reason, we offer our services through a select group of trained and certified partners (channel) that we trust to deliver the right solution to your business.